Lavish Love

Originally posted February 14, 2013


A few thoughts on Valentine’s Day and entering into Lent...

“Come buy wine and milk without money and without cost.” – Isaiah 55:1b.

A good friend of mine wrote a Lenten reflection based partly on these words.  She touched on several important ideas, but what has stayed with me today is the idea of God’s abundant and gracious love and provision for us.  Another word that came to my mind was “lavish.”  It seems to me a recurring theme throughout scripture is The Lord as the lavish lover of our souls.  He provides rich soil, water that satisfies, He is the bridegroom, He puts forth wondrous feasts, banquet tables, wine and milk without cost.  And in I John we are told how great a love He lavishes on us by calling us His children, and that is what we are.

It is fun on this day, Valentine’s day, to cut out hearts, maybe eat some chocolate, and proclaim love for one another.  But as we now enter also into Lent, I am caught up in this idea of God’s lavish love and provision for me.  I just cannot shake it.  So where, then, does it lead me?  I think that if I truly understand the abundance I have, then I have no reason to be stingy with my resources, my kindnesses, my time, my energy, or my love.  God knows me fully (and yet) loves me fully.  Wow.  The depths of His richness are unfathomable.  May I see this today, and every day.  May I breathe it in and then may I live it out.


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