Originally posted March 28, 2013

I am currently finding myself trapped by the I-Shoulds.  I should put away the folded laundry.  I should fold the rest.  I should tell the kids to come and take care of the orange peels they left on the kitchen counter.  I should get out and go for a walk, it is really nice out today.  Can’t waste a nice day.  I should gather up the library books.  

I want to get out from under this pile and address what has been just under the surface of my thoughts.  This blog.  I started with something close to gusto, and I suppose a little of the bravado it takes to put one’s thoughts out there and hope there are a few people who are interested in reading them, maybe even responding.  Then, I’m not sure what happened, I suppose life, I suppose some of those nasty I-Shoulds.  And I suppose, a hesitation to jump in without reservation.  
I have been, for lack of a better word, absorbing the work of Brene Brown, and recently read her books The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly, and I hope to process some of what I’ve learned in entries to come.  But what is striking me right now is the term she uses- wholehearted living.  I have been thinking about this, and about the importance of jumping in, and of owning this experience.  I think it is safe to be casual about it, but daring, and a bit scary, to say this is something I do, this is important to me.  And I am ready to be daring.


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