Light Breaks Through


Originally posted December 24, 2012/ edited December 23, 2014:

“O God, let me rise to the edges of time and open my life to your eternity;

Let me run to the edges of space and gaze into your immensity;

Let me climb through the barriers of sound and pass into your silence;

And then, in stillness and in silence let me adore You,

Who art Life-Light-Love

Without beginning and without end

Who has bound heaven to earth in the birth of a Child” 

-Sister Ruth “The Oxford Book of Prayer”

It happened 14 years ago, when I experienced the first Christmas without my mother alive.  And it has continued every year since.  I have grown weary of Christmas songs and have longed for and cherished Christmas hymns.  I think I noticed this for the first time when I heard “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and I…

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